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​Fort Worth Foundation Repair Experts is a friendly team of foundation repair specialists serving the local Fort Worth area. We have been established here for years, and have a growing list of happy customers. Your property needs well built and maintained foundations, to keep it safe, and make sure your family have a comfortable home for years to come. If you spot any issues which might suggest you need a foundation repair, do get in touch for an inspection and estimate.

About Us

Between us we have many years of experience as foundation contractors, and have the knowledge and equipment to deal with even the most demanding of foundation repair jobs. We work on both residential and commercial properties, and can repair concrete slabs, reinforce retaining walls, offer maintenance on pier and beam foundations, install and repair drainage systems – and much more. Whatever your problem, we can help. Give us a call today, for a quote.
​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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Each home is different, and as such we offer a full range of foundation repair options. Whatever your home is made out of – and whether it’s old or new, we can help. We know that your situation and your property is unique, and will tailor our service accordingly. The most common services we offer are set out below and on the service pages of this website – however, if you need something which isn’t in this list, to make sure your foundations are healthy and well maintained, give us a call – we may still be able to help.

Concrete Slab Repair

Crawlspace and Pier & Beam Repair

Steel Piers

Concrete slab foundations are common in our warmer climate, and are designed to move gently as the ground does. However, over time, concrete slab foundations can start to settle and fail. This can cause further problems to the structure of the property, including cracked brickwork and flooring, and needs to be addressed immediately. In most cases we can repair concrete slab foundations within a day or two, and with minimum disruption. Call us for a quote today.
If your home has a pier and beam foundation, then you may choose to have a foundation inspection to ensure that the structure is safe, and assess any maintenance which might be helpful. Pier and beam foundations can suffer from damage caused by water – such as rot and infestation, both of which cause structural damage to the foundation and the home itself. Our inspectors can assess the state of your foundation without causing you any disruption and set your mind at rest.
Steel piers are a great choice if your foundation has suffered settlement, and is causing structural issues for your home. Steel piers are both strong and adjustable, and come in a wide range of sizes, which means they’re suitable for most residential and commercial foundation repairs. If you notice any sign of damage to your property, such as cracked brickwork, or doors and windows which stick and won’t open smoothly, this could be a sign of foundation problems. Get in touch today to have your property checked over by a foundation expert.

Retaining Wall

Commercial & Residential

Drainage Repair Services

A retaining wall is used when properties are prone to flooding, or landslides, or are built on steep slopes. Retaining walls are crucial to the structural stability of these homes, and should be looked after properly. This means making regular visual checks to ensure there is no sign of damage, and taking steps to fix any problems while they are still small issues. We can inspect your retaining wall, and offer an affordable quotation for any work that needs to be carried out to keep your retaining wall in good condition.
As one of the most highly regarded and trusted foundation repair companies in the Fort Worth area, we are able to take on both commercial and residential projects of every size. Whatever your problem is – if you need a foundation repair, a cracked concrete slab fixing up, or you’re looking to completely overhaul the foundation of your property, we can help. Give us a call today to tell us a little about how we can serve you, and we will be happy to visit your property for a free inspection and to offer a costs estimate.
Without good drainage, properties are likely to experience issues with their foundations, as excess water causes erosion, wear and settling. These can damage the structure of the building and lead to the need for expensive repairs. It’s far better to maintain a good drain system, and take the time to make sure it’s well looked after. We provide options for drainage for your home, yard and basement, and can both install and repair drainage systems.

Contact Us For More Info

It’s easy to get in touch with us, using the phone number here on the website, or via the contact page. You can either call us for a chat with a friendly member of our team, or drop us a note via email if you would rather a call back, or a quotation by email. We will be happy to come to your property to make an inspection and offer an estimate for any foundation repair work that needs to be done.

​“I had the team from Fort Worth Foundation Repair Experts come to assess the foundation of my property after I had seen cracks in the concrete slab. I was worried that the costs of foundation repair might be really high - but I was quite pleased by the affordable estimate the foundation contractor gave me. I found the whole team to be friendly and helpful - and they had my house fixed up in no time!” Brian, Fort worth

​“If you need any advice regarding your foundation, and any erosion or settlement problems you might have spotted in your home, I highly recommend Fort Worth Foundation Repair Experts. I was looking for foundation repairs near me, and my neighbor gave me their number. I got a free quote the very next day, and the maintenance I needed doing on my block and base foundation was carried out the following week. Very easy to work with, and a great result.” Evan, Fort Worth

​“When I noticed that the basement of our home was getting damp, I was horrified to find that we had a leaking window. Not only did this make the basement smell damp, and caused mildew to form, I was worried that the foundations of the house would suffer. The guys from Fort Worth Foundation Repair Experts came out right away to inspect the property, and I was delighted to realize it was a pretty small repair job, to get my drainage fixed up and protect the basement and my foundations.” Emma, Fort worth