​Steel Piers

Steel piers are a great choice if your property is suffering from settlement, or your existing foundations have somehow become damaged over time. Steel piers are strong and adjustable, meaning that we can choose the product which best suits your home, and the issues you’re facing. Our expert team of foundation contractors will be happy to assess your home for foundation damage, and see if steel piers might be a good solution for you today. Get in touch via our contact page, to learn more.

Why Might I Need To Use Steel Piers?

It is fairly common for properties to suffer settlement, as the soil on which they are built shifts and leads to foundation problems, This might be because the soil beneath the property is very dry and therefore shrinks away, or because it has become very compacted, causing the home to start to move slightly downwards. This can cause severe structural damage to the home if left unchecked – including cracks to the external walls and floors. If settlement occurs, one approach is to use steel piers to reinforce the foundation and make the property sound again.

What Are The Benefits of Steel Piers?

Steel piers are an extremely popular choice for foundation repair experts, and here at Fort Worth Foundation Repair Experts, we frequently use steel piers to repair damaged foundations. Steel piers are extremely strong, adjustable and can be installed using portable equipment, which means we can carry out work on most residential and commercial sites. The piers can be installed without significant vibration, which limits damage to the existing foundation. There is a wide range of steel piers to choose from, including those suited to even the most heavy duty job. Our foundation contractors will select the best, high quality steel pier for any repair job we undertake.

What Is The Process For Installing Steel Piers?

Our contractor will be happy to talk through the process used for installing steel piers in your particular property, as each project will be slightly different. In short, the foundations of the home will be excavated to allow the steel piers to be installed. The piers are then put in place, with the weight of the foundations being transferred when they reach the right location. The piers can then be adjusted to ensure that any sagging in the original foundation is corrected, and the home is leveled up again.

Our Service

An excellent level of customer service is what has made us the top ranked foundation repair expert in Fort Worth, and beyond. We will talk through any questions or issues you might have, and are happy to work with you to agree a solution for your foundation problems which fits your needs, and your budget. Although you may be worried about the costs of foundation repairs, we offer very affordable rates, and it is our experience that leaving foundation issues unchecked is always more expensive in the end. If steel piers are right for your property, then you can be assured we use only the best quality available, to keep your foundations healthy for many years to come.