Retaining Wall

If you have a retaining wall on your property, you’ll know how important it is to look after it well. Any issues affecting a retaining wall could take years to develop, but if left without maintenance or a repair, the wall can fail – sometimes with catastrophic effect. To avoid this, it’s crucial to check over your retaining wall regularly and look for any signs of damage or wear – we can help with a professional inspection if you would rather, and can offer a free quote for any work that we believe needs to be carried out.

When Might I Need A Retaining Wall Repair?

A retaining wall is designed to offer structural support, and is often found in buildings built on a steep gradient, or in areas prone to landslides or flooding. They’re an integral part of the structure of your home, so keeping your retaining wall is good condition is essential. If you notice the wall showing any signs of damage, including crumbling, cracking or dislodged stones or tiles, it is time to call in an expert. Similarly if there is water pooling at the bottom of the wall, or if the soil is coming away from the base of the wall, give us a call to assess the wall for structural stability.

Options For Repairing A Retaining Wall

In many cases, damage to a retaining wall, if caught early, is fairly simple to repair. This also makes it affordable. The exact approach taken will depend very much on the location and nature of the wall, and what damage we find. In some cases, we can use piles, which can be installed in the ground near the wall, and offer lateral support. In other cases, we may reinforce the existing structure, or replace small sections of the wall under controlled conditions to make sure the wall doesn’t fail during the repair. In every case, our contractors will take into account the type of soil, the conditions and the slope, to make sure that the end result is structurally sound and will last the test of time.

Can’t I Fix A Retaining Wall Myself?

Retaining walls are only built in places that they’re needed, as part of the structural integrity of the property. They’re important. Maintaining and repairing a retaining wall is not something that should be done without a good understanding of the structure of your home and foundations, as well as knowing the nature of the soil type beneath your property, any flooding issues, and the impact of the angle of the slope – which makes it a job better left to the professionals. Not only can an amateur repair job cause a longer term problem, doing a poor quality job on an essential part of your home’s structure can lead to catastrophic failure, and very expensive repair costs down the line.

Our Service

We are experts in assessing and repairing retaining walls, and can help if you are worried about the condition of a retaining wall on your property. We understand the importance of getting the pressure, resistance and design of your retaining wall exactly right – it’s a piece of precision engineering, and requires an expert eye. Give us a call, or use the contact details on the website, to talk through any problem you might be facing. Our friendly team are always happy to offer a few words of advice, and can come to your home to give you a no obligation estimate if you would like to take action to repair your retaining wall.