​Drainage Repair Services

Drainage is crucial to the health of foundations – and for that reason, we also offer drainage repair services for both residential and commercial properties. We will assess your needs and offer a range of solutions to ensure that your yard, home and basement are well looked after. Each home is unique, and so we can tailor a service to you, and your budget. Making sure that your drainage is in good repair is a key step to maintaining the health of your foundations and avoiding costly repair bills later.

How Poor Drainage Can Damage Your Foundations

Poor drainage can lead to long term foundation issues. You might find that excess moisture around the foundations causes rot and warping in the case of pier and beam foundations. You might also see settlement and ground erosion due to excess water which causes movements to the home, and can cause damage like cracked walls and floors. These issues can be caused in full or part by poor ground preparation when the foundations are laid – or by cutting corners when installing foundations. An insufficient amount of piles or concrete can lead to issues if drainage is not maintained, for example.

Home and Yard Drainage

When we assess your property for drainage issues, we will look at all areas of the home, including the yard and basement, as poor drainage in these areas can often cause problems with the foundations. When it comes to the home as a whole, we will look at options like a bubbler pot, which can collect and disperse water away from the foundation. Options for the yard include yard basins, trench drains, and debris filters to stop blockages. Each solution is unique to the property, so we will assess the needs and issues we see, and make suggestions about different routes to improve home and yard drainage and protect the property’s foundations.

Basement Drainage Options

If you have a basement to your home then you’ll need to take steps to make sure the drainage is adequate, both to protect the basement from flooding, and to protect the foundations in the long term. Here there are many options, which can be tailored to your property and your preferences. Depending on the issue at hand we may recommend a cove drain, window wells if the issue is leakage through basement windows, or maintenance to ensure your sump pump remains in good condition. In some cases, installing external drainage is the best way to protect the basement, as this way we can move rainwater well away from the property and to a nearby storm drain.

Our Service

You can rest assured that our team treat every project as unique. We will work to come up with a solution that fits your home’s drainage needs. In most cases there will be several available options, and we can explain both the features and benefits – and the costs – of each one. Once you’ve made a decision, a member of our team will plan the works with you, which can be carried out at your convenience. We clear up as we go, and work to reduce inconvenience and disruption – so you can go about your daily life as normal.