Crawlspace and Pier & Beam Repair

Frequently seen in older homes, pier and beam foundations involve a system of vertical piers which hold up the beams, and form the base of the home. This approach to foundations has both its benefits and drawbacks. As much of the structure of the foundations is typically wooden, there can be challenges related to water and moisture, which can lead to rot. However, on the positive, the foundations can be easily accessed thanks to the crawl space, meaning that inspection and repair work can be carried out without disruption.

Typical Issues Seen With Pier and Beam Foundation

Pier and beam foundations are frequently found on older properties, and involve a series of vertical piers, which hold up the foundation beams, The piers are usually set into a concrete footing, but the piers and beams themselves may be made of wood. This can mean that over time the wooden parts of the foundation are prone to warping, mildew, and rot. Movements in the soil can also make the piers less structurally sound, or lead to the weight of the house being unevenly distributed. This can lead to long term structural damage.

Preventative Maintenance For Pier Beam Foundations

The nature of pier and beam foundations means that changes in the ground level can have a rapid impact on the strength and level of the foundation. This can happen over time, but can also be quite a quick process, leading rapidly to issues with the structure of the home. It’s a good idea to take steps to ensure that the foundations are in good repair and better able to stand up to shifts in the soil beneath them. Spotting problems like mold, water leaking into the crawlspace, or rotting wooden piers can mean the action is taken before the rest of the home becomes damaged. We can offer a foundation inspection to assess and deal with any problems in your pier and beam foundations.

Dealing with Damp and Water Issues

For many homes with a pier and beam foundation system, water is a challenge. This can cause rot, or allow infestation to occur, both of which damage the integrity of the building. We can offer a variety of solutions, including replacing rotten piers, adding additional piles to offer support, waterproofing, and conditioning and encapsulation to stop the moisture from damaging the crawl space, piers or beams. A friendly member of our team will be happy to assess your property and make suggestions about work which might be necessary, or desirable to keep the foundations in good repair.

Our Service

We are happy to carry out foundation inspections, and can offer a no obligation estimate for any work needed. If you’re worried about the foundations on your home, or are considering buying a new property with a pier and beam foundation system, an inspection can set your mind at rest. Because of the design of the crawl space, the foundations can be accessed without any damage to the property, and typically, any maintenance or repairs can be done without causing disruption. That means you can go on with life as normal, while we take care of your pier and beam foundations and make sure your home is structurally sound.