​If you notice damage to the walls of your house, such as cracks or crumbling, if your floor is cracked or tiles are coming loose, or if you notice that your windows and doors won’t close properly, you might have foundation damage. It’s important to have any potential issues checked out as soon as possible, as repairing small foundation problems is a lot easier than dealing with long standing foundation issues. The first thing you will need to do is get in touch, to discuss what you see, and arrange a visit from one of our friendly foundation contractors.

We will ask you to tell us a bit about your property, how it’s constructed, its age and location. If you’re calling because you’ve noticed signs which might indicate foundation damage, then we will ask you about these so we can build a picture of what might be needed. If you need some advice, or have questions, we are happy to help, and we will then make arrangements to view the property and make a full inspection before preparing a quote for the work needed.
In normal working hours you can speak directly with a friendly member of the team, simply by calling the number given here on our website. For convenience, you can also complete the form available here, to give a few details about your situation, and how we can help you. We can then reply either by email, or by phone. Please do make sure that you include the correct personal details for you, if you’re using the online form, so we can get back in touch in a timely fashion.